Technical Information


Laminated parquets have been manifactured to overcome some problems occuring about massive parquets. First layer forms the main image, in laminated parquet, that is produced by assembling and milling of several massive wood layers with industrial glues, heat and pressure


Wood material has a hygroscopic characteristic. In other words, it is in an interaction with humidity. This shrinking and widening of massive parquet, and so dimensional changes, due to heat and humidity changes has extremely been reduced with laminated parquet.


Due to the low thermal conductivity of wood, it is a building material with the highest subjective temperature. In addition, wood elements such as laminated flooring showing the vibrating plate features, they provide a comfortable acoustic environment, allowing the ingestion of high-frequency sound. Along with all these, wood parquets do not contain any germs or bacteria, and do not form any electrostatic field. For these reasons, it should be noted that it is the most adviced flooring option by the alerjists (especially for children) in houses.

Stile Parquet

For Stile Parquet, quality and health are essential prerequisites for all products it applies. For this reason, it demands materials which do not harm human health in the production of glue and varnish, which are used in parquet manifacturing. In this direction, in all of our imported products, formaldehyde-free D4 glue and solvent-free eco varnishes are used. Moreover, our company prefers glues produced in the EU standarts, and uses German Uzi and Bostik brand glues and supplementary materials having the standart required in the living areas.