Welcome to Stile Parquet

Our adventure with the wood follows a way from father to son. In time and with changing demands in architecture world, in 1996, we have switched massive wood parquet and laminated wood parquet business. We have completed many projects in many houses, offices and residences successfully and have come to this day progressing and developing ourselves with the improving technology day by day. In 2011, we have founded Stile Parquet, targetting to place our names strongly in this business. We are eager to continue our facilities without compromising quality and trust, not changing our principles regarding our customers..


Laminated parquets have been manifactured to overcome some problems occuring about massive parquets. ...



Wood material has a hygroscopic characteristic. In other words, it is in an interaction with humidity.This shrinking and widening



Due to the low thermal conductivity of wood, it is a building material with the highest subjective temperature.